21 June 2011

Comparing the archives

Here are extracts from instructions for four different national archives regarding ordering materials in advance of a visit -- always a good idea.

Which seems most user friendly?
Which is least user friendly?
Which is LAC?

(1) You can order up to 2 weeks in advance.
Request no more than five items
Ensure that there are no restrictions placed on these items.
Try and give at least two working days notice
(2) You may order a maximum of ten items (i.e.: books, boxes of archival documents, video-tapes, etc.) and you must submit your request at least five working days prior to your visit.

(3) ... you can order up to six documents in advance of your visit using the online order form.
Orders need to be placed before 17:00 on the working day before your visit if documents are stored on-site, and before 11:00 three working days before your visit if they are stored off-site

(4) Many of our records are held offsite – that is, in different buildings from our reading rooms – so it is best to order records in advance of when you plan to visit. If you are travelling from (a distance), or are planning to undertake extensive research, please contact us at least two weeks in advance. This gives us the time to make sure that the records you want to see will be available.

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Pamela Wile said...

I like #4 and I'll bet it's not LAC.