23 June 2011

Findmypast adds UK militia service records 1806-1915

Digitized and indexed from TNA series WO96 these records are attestation papers and other surviving service records for the militia, a voluntary county-based part-time force for home defence. This is the first time these records have been scanned, transcribed and published online.

Covering over half a million volunteers you will find details of name, age, height, eye colour, hair colour, complexion, distinguishing marks, address, employer (including name and address), and details of previous service. Apparently some of the later records include photographs. You’ll also be able to see the individual’s signature.

Of the few records I checked many men served only a short period, as little as 49 days. Some records are more extensive and include name, relationship and address of next of kin.

I found the images quite dark. Reading them was easier when displayed as a negative. 

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