02 June 2011

42,291 new London Probate Index records on findmypast.co.uk

Findmypast.co.uk announce that:

Most of the records are from 1750 to 1858 - although we have around 70 records outside that date range - and they may prove very useful in providing more detail about London ancestors.
The records come from the London Probate Index 1750-1858 and the data was provided by Dr David Wright.<http://goo.gl/XjaOt>
This is an update. The previous description is more informative:
This index covers the administration of estates at nine courts not ... in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury series held at The National Archives.
Each entry includes first and last name, date of the grant of representation to the estate, whether a will, administration or other record, the court, parish, county, country etc. of residence as given in the original and any other details as shown, including cross-referenced aliases and maiden, former or other last names.

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