20 June 2011

The Parish Register of Kingston, Upper Canada 1785-1811

This is a transcript of the first parish register kept by the Revd. John Stuart, the first missionary of the Church of England in Upper Canada and covers the years 1785 to 1811. Although nominally for Kingston it records many names of those to whom Stuart ministered, as far afield as the Grand River.

Chapters include: The First Rector; The first St. George's Church; The Benefactors; Church wardens; Vestry Men; Pew Holders 1794-1811; Clerks and "Saxtons"; Baptisms; Marriages; Funerals; Index.

There are several versions online. A convenient format is in two parts: The Parish Register of Kingston 1785-1811 - PART 1The Parish Register of Kingston 1785-1811 - PART 2

There is also an Internet Archive version at http://goo.gl/UQQjk and an OurRoots version at http://goo.gl/Nzh8H

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