04 June 2011

Naming the new Ottawa Central Archives / Public Library Materials Centre Building

The City of Ottawa has announced the process to be followed in naming the building which will house the City's Central Archives, copied below. My comments follow.

Ottawa - Due to increased public interest, the City of Ottawa is encouraging residents to submit proposals to commemoratively name the new Central Archives Ottawa Public Library Materials Centre.
Nominees for commemoration should meet at least one (1) of the following criteria:
  • The nominated individual has demonstrated excellence, courage or exceptional service to the citizens of the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario and/or Canada.
  • The nominated individual has provided extensive community service and has an extraordinary community service record.
  • The nominated individual has worked to foster equality and reduce discrimination.
  • The nominated individual is a current City of Ottawa employee, and has made an outstanding contribution to the City of Ottawa unrelated and to outside of his/her job responsibilities, capacity and duties as a City employee.
  • The nominated individual is a former employee of the City of Ottawa and is to be recognized for exceptional service unrelated to and outside of his/her job responsibilities, capacity and duties as a former City employee.
  • The nominated individual has made a significant financial contribution to a park or facility, and the contribution significantly benefits the community that the park or facility serves (i.e. the park or facility may not have otherwise been possible without the financial assistance).
  • The nominated name has historical significance to the community, City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario or Canada.
The new Central Archives Ottawa Public Library Materials Centre.is located at 100 Tallwood Drive (corner of Woodroffe Avenue).
Commemorative naming proposals for this facility must be received by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 30, 2011. All of the names submitted will be vetted in accordance with the Commemorative Naming Policy, then be listed for 60 days of public consultation, in accordance with Policy guidelines. Eligible submissions and the results of the public consultation will be reviewed by the Commemorative Naming Committee and a recommendation will be made to the Community and Protective Services Committee and City Council in September.
If you would like to submit a name for consideration or require any further information, send an e-mail to namingottawa@ottawa.ca or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).

The name given to such a facility should bear some relationship to its mission, that is, a premium should be put on the criteria that the naming should be for someone who has historical significant to the heritage/library community. Just as the stadium at Lansdowne Park was named for Frank Clare, renowned Ottawa Roughrider coach, so a library/archives facility should reflect the purpose of the facility.

I understand that the name of Claude Aubrey, a former City Librarian, has already been submitted and the previously submitted name of William Pittman Lett, the first City Clerk of the newly-named municipality of Ottawa, a post he held for 36 years, will be resubmitted.

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Mike More said...

Since the building is primarily the City of Ottawa Archives, with access to the public, and the Library Techincal Services (which I beleive is not open to the public) tacked on, I believe the name should reflect the archival world. As well, the OPL has another thirty odd buildings that they could have already been named for Claude Aubrey. This building should honour William Pittman Lett, in reality the first Archivist of the city.