09 June 2011

BIFHSGO June meeting and AGM

Saturday 11 June 2011 at Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington, Ottawa

The meeting starts at 9am with the BIFHSGO Annual General Meeting. 

The regular meeting starts at 10 AM, featuring the ever popular semi-annual Great Moments in Genealogy session. 
  • The Letters of Nicholas Watson 1820-26 by Brian Watson
  • From Coolross to Canada and Back by Ann Burns
  • Uncle Oscar's Poisonous Paramour by Susan Davis
  • Genealogy in the Future by Jane Down
  • When the Waves Turn the Minutes to Hours: The Tragic End of John Goddard, Master Hairdresser by Gail Roger
There's more on these presentations at http://goo.gl/dyPIf

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