06 June 2011

British immigrants in Montreal

From the start of the 20th century to the start of the Great War of approximately 2.85 million newcomers to Canada 1.18 million had English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh or other British roots. Peaking in 1912-1913 this was the greatest immigration Canada has known, and as a percent of population on an annual basis far greater than the present rate.

British Immigrants to Montreal is a personal website about the experiences of the Shill family from London who arrived in early 1907 and their subsequent life in Montreal. Inasmuch as any individual case can be typical it illustrates the stories of those who arrived in the period.

Website owner, Deborah Waddell Robertson, would be pleased to help others with ancestors who immigrated to Montreal from Britain in the early 1900s share their stories through the site.

Update:  Thanks to Jean for pointing out the broken link.

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