12 June 2011


Saturday's BIFHSGO AGM and monthly meeting was another interesting and well attended session.

Congratulations to Marg and Willis Burwell on being named to the BIFHSGO Hall of Fame. They have both made major contributions to the Society over many years. Marg was not able to get to the meeting and I wish her a speedy recovery from her surgery last month.

Other recognition was to Chris MacPhail as he retires as editor of Anglo-Celtic Roots (ACR); to Heather Boucher Ashe for best article in ACR; and to Naomi Ridout for best presentation to a monthly meeting by a member during the year.

Most of the board members whose terms expired stood for re-election. Secretary Ron Elliott did not as he is leaving for the left coast. Elected to the vacant director position was Anne Sterling who will no doubt learn to fill his big shoes in her quiet competent manner.

I enjoyed each of the great moment presentations. While I could have attended webcasts by high-profile US genealogists from the SCGS Jamboree in the same time period it's much more satisfying listening to an in-person presentation and experiencing the social interaction.

I notice many bloggers and others have flocked to the Jamboree rather proving the point about the importance of in-person interaction. That's something that societies becoming mesmerized with technology would be wise to remember. We want the advantages of online genealogy, and social networking, and the in-person connection.

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DWP said...

"Secretary Ron Elliott did not as he is leaving for the left coast."

"left coast" Politically or geographically, or both?