24 June 2011

Edinburgh records added to Deceased Online

Nearly a million dead Scots. Let's celebrate!

That's not quite the way to think of it!

What we can celebrate is the release of 313,000 burial and cremation records for Edinburgh, expected early afternoon EDT on Friday 24 June, on the Deceased Online website, so achieving a total of nearly 1 million Scotland-based burial and cremation records on the site.

The Edinburgh records comprise:
Nearly 39,000 burial records dating from 1888 to the present day for Seafield Cemetery feature scans of mortality registers (with many of them including details of the type of hearse used!).
Over 49,500 records from 1939 for Seafield Crematorium available as scans of cremation register pages.
Records for Warriston Crematorium, numbering nearly 225,000 and dating from 1929 to 1991, later entries continue to be added, available as scans of cremation registers.

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