18 June 2011

Ancestry.com on CNBC

Tim Sullivan, CEO of Ancestry.com, was interviewed by CNBC's Jim Cramer on 17 June. 

Interesting points that came out are that the market for Ancestry\s services is seen at 20 million families; the market demographic for Ancestry services is age 45 and up, one the stock market doesn't understand well; and the key to getting subscriptions renewed is to keep on adding new databases (something that, aside from updates to the obituary collections, has been lacking this week.)
View the interview on video here.

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Mike More said...

I wonder if Ancestry would have more sucess if they were honest with customers and showed them how to really do genealogy. I suspect that they lose many people after the initial period when they discover that the hobby is not as simple as Ancestry protrays it. Competent genealogists realize that Ancestry has tremendous resources that are worth paying for but new researchers may be quickly disillussioned. Instead of trying to draw in more newbies, perhaps Ancestry should be trying to educate them that proper research techniques do not include simply copying the unsourced tree of another uneducated researcher.