26 June 2011

Canada Post legislated back

Now that the House of Commons has passed back-to-work legislation, and presuming the Senate follows their lead, we can look forward to a renewal of mail service early next week.

It's a service I can do without for a while, and a respite from all the unaddressed junk mail was welcome. So was the lack of credit card bills.

On the family history front, I'll be looking forward to receiving the July/August issue of Family Chronicle which would normally have been delivered by now.

Companies that rely on mail distribution, like Archive CD Books Canada, Global Genealogy, and Moorshead Magazines will undoubtedly be relieved at the return to work. You might want to check their websites for updates they were able to add while they couldn't send out orders.

For BIFHSGO members, and others attending the BIFHSGO conference, 16-18 September, who prefer to register by mail its time to find the form that was included with the brochure in the most recent Anglo-Celtic Roots, or download a copy from www.bifhsgo.ca/conference

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