02 June 2011

Toronto professional genealogy, 1934

Following up on yesterday's posting on Ottawa genealogists of the past, the Toronto Globe of 9 May 1934 announces the following Toronto genealogists similarly recognized:

Col. Alexander Fraser, Ontario archivist and historian for the Fraser clan; Mrs. J Frederick B Livesay of 20 Rosemount Avenue; Hon. William Renwick Riddell, Justice of Appeal and compiler of a Powall genealogy; Horace H VanWart, an authority on the U. E. Loyalists; and Ms. Margaret Ray, librarian, who have won local recognition for their work in genealogical and historical research, have been honored by being included in the list of the leading active genealogical researchers in the Handbook of American Genealogy recently issued by the Institute of American Genealogy of Chicago.
Is there someone knowledgeable about Toronto's genealogy history to enlighten us about these pioneers?


DWP said...

"Ms. Margaret Ray, librarian" was probably Margaret V. Ray, well known to generations of students at Victoria College, Toronto. One source describes her as "in charge of archival material". She authored bibliographies, the most notable being that of the poet E. J. Pratt. I hope that other comments here will enlighten us as to her being a genealogist.

J. Brian Gilchrist said...

Yes, DWP is correct in that this is the one and the same Margaret Ray. While I am familiar with all of the names that John has mentioned so far, I am going to suggest that their names were nominated for their research positions and writings - being more of what the British might call "Antiquarians". Indeed further research is required ... and along the same lines I would like to know more about the "Imperial Genealogical Society" which was operating in Hamilton in the 1950's. I have a sheet of their letterhead and that is all I know at the moment. Cheers! J. Brian Gilchrist