14 June 2013

1921 census of Canada count-up: day 12

This is Day 12 since the 1921 census officially passed into the custody of Library and Archives Canada. As stated on the LAC website,

Under the legislation, when 92 calendar years have elapsed since the taking of a census, those records will be opened for public use and transferred to Library and Archives Canada.
As far as we know the transfer happened, but LAC remains in violation of the law in failing to open the census for public use.

Some have suggested that the census would be first among the materials handed to Canadiana under the LAC/Canadiana arrangement that was supposed to be announced on today, Friday, but is now postponed awaiting the appointment of a head for LAC.

While I find it hard to believe it wouldn't be unprecedented. In Scotland there is no free access to the original census records owing to the Scotlands People monopoly, although transcripts are available, some of them free through FamilySearch and FreeCEN.

I suspect the powers that be, and with an interim Librarian and Archivist who knows who that actually is, will eventually come to the conclusion that the type of arrangement successfully used with the previous censuses will work this time. How long will it take?

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