12 June 2013

No paywall, no privatization at Canadiana

In the face of rumours and misunderstanding about the nature of the proposed agreement between LAC and Canadiana Daniel Velarde has posted a clarifying article on the Canadiana blog.
The agreement described would seem to be very much in the best interests of Canadians at large. No paywall. No privatization. Just enhanced access.
Have we been deprived of the benefits of this agreement, at least for the present, by misleading media reporting and too hasty a reaction from an ill-informed Minister James Moore's office, all resulting from an overly secretive process.


Brian Glenn said...

Too bad our government spokes people couldn't be as clear and open about the agreement when the news first leaked out.

Anonymous said...

Highlights of the Heritage project along with three new collections can be viewed already at

Its pretty much the same as you would expect from Early Canadiana or the Canadian Discovery portal that has been used for years by researchers, genealogists, etc.

Its not a secret anymore ...