21 June 2013

Archival material from LAC to City Of Ottawa Central Archives

As a follow-up to the previous post, I was able to confirm the fonds listed have been physically transferred.
The City of Nepean materials, which became moldy when in their original storage in Nepean before being transferred to LAC, will require treatment before becoming publicly available. All the other fonds were in good condition when received from LAC and will become available when administrative arrangements are complete, something that not entirely under the control of the City Archives.

Archivist John Lund mentioned there has already been interest in the Polish Dance Group of Ottawa fonds, which is only 21 pages. City Archives acquisition of those may encourage the group to deposit further records.

I have a different viewpoint to that in an anonymous comment on the previous post. While the City archives is not downtown not everything has to be. It`s more convenient for me in the new location. Information from the archives is that the use of non-flash photography is permitted, subject to the discretion of the archivist on duty.


Glenn Wright said...

This makes good sense, but will only benefit the City Archives if publicized. The Archives needs to attract users and these collections will certainly raise its profile. These records and those already in the custody of the City Archives are the means to do so. I would suggest that the acquisition of these records be celebrated and that the City Archives website be revised to reflect this generous and significant addition to their holdings.

Ian White said...

Many thanks, John.