12 June 2013

Ancestry.ca Bonanza

Ancestry.ca have posted a large collection of early military records. Scarce as hen's teeth, they will be a bonanza for those with early colonial Canadian roots.

Canada, British Army Regimental Rolls of Non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers, 1806-1892, 30,396 records
Canada, British Army and Canadian Militia Muster Rolls and Pay Lists, 1795-1850, 752,886 records
UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Registers of Soldiers Who Served in Canada, 1743-1882, 375,748 records
Canada, Pension Applications For Widows and Family of British Military Officers, 1776-1881, 843 records
**Canada, Records of British Military Headquarters, 1775-1856, 7,967 records
**Canada, Rideau Canal Rents, Property and Employment Correspondence, 1826-1855, 3,461 records
Canada, British Regimental Registers of Service, 1756-1900, 467,838 records
Canada, British Navy Ship Muster Rolls and Pay Lists, 1757-1836, 176,551 records

Also added are:

Canada, Registers of Prisoners of War, 1803-1815, 56,505 records
Canada, Loyalist Claims, 1776-1835, 24,789 records
Canada, Immigration and Settlement Correspondence and Lists, 1817-1896, 21,158

Collection marked ** are unindexed browse files. Look for more discussion of this valuable collection, which was sourced from The (UK) National Archives, Kew, here soon.

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