22 June 2013

British Cartoon Archive

Looking for a period cartoon to illustrate a British-theme publication or presentation? Check out the large collection at the British Cartoon Archive with over 140,000 pieces of cartoon artwork.
Many of the cartoons are online, but under copyright so I can't show an example. The dangers of genealogy are illustrated by this one showing a well heeled man near his Rolls which is parked in front of the Society of Genealogists. Two genealogists are seen smiling from the Society doorway while the man says "Well! They tell me my great - great, great, great, great grandfather was hanged for stealing sheep."


Anonymous said...

That is useful. They are on-line, but we cannot use them? Did I miss something here?

Barbara said...

I assume permission to use them could be sought from the copyright holder. Permission is generally granted when it's for non-profit purposes. A wonderful resource for those involved with genealogical publications! Thanks.