11 June 2013

Improve genealogy-related services of the Ottawa Public Library

I've already mentioned a couple of times the Improve Convenience suggestion in the Ottawa Public Library Imagine online ideas campaign as input to refreshing its Strategic Plan in 2015. Thanks to you that suggestion is the fourth most supported overall as I write.

The campaign ends on June 15 so it's not too late to help it along further via https://www.ideavibes.com/engine/ideaengine/idea/view/id/1218.

There are several other suggestions that would help the family and local historian.

Genealogy/ Family History

 1 ) Create a searchable reference database ( internet/documents/ local society records/ Archives)
2 ) Compare Ottawa practices with other libraries around the world with respect to genealogy
3) Seek knowledgable volunteers to help with this program

It has 72 Likes as I write. Help get it to 100? Like at

Update: Mission 100 Likes achieved: 13 June.


Cooperate with the local genealogy organizations to help educate people on how to do their genealogy without repeating the mistakes of others.

It has 41 Likes as I write. Help it get way above 50. Like at

Update: 50 Likes achieved 13 June.

Ottawa History

There are so many interesting facts about Ottawa which I never learned in school and would like to know about in a more informal environment.

Comment: Is there any way to integrate the City of Ottawa Archives with the OPL's holdings? I can get books from the USA on Inter-Library Loan, but I can't see what is available in our own City Archives.

Comment: I think at the Main Branch in downtown Ottawa there is actually a room devoted to Ottawa history, including books from the Archives. There are area maps and housing records. It's hours are much reduced compared to the actual library hours though. Would be nice to have this space open longer - I have never had a chance to go in there because of this.

Support via https://www.ideavibes.com/engine/ideaengine/idea/view/id/1354

Ancestry Library Edition

Make Ancestry Library available through OPL website outside the library, and expand service to include full access to Ancestry.ca for registered users.

Support at https://www.ideavibes.com/engine/ideaengine/idea/view/id/1659

Digitize local history collections and partner with Archives

Make available online local history collections and images from the City Archives -- open up to community tagging; make the most of unique collections

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