30 June 2013

Meeting your mate

How on earth did people meet before online dating? This post on the Rootsweb Norfolk list tells how.

Norfolk generally has villages under three miles from the nearest village and most villages are within seven miles of their nearest market town. That means that, on Market day, one could meet people who lived up to 14 miles away. Jobs, girls and other opportunities, often means that people could easily move around the County. Norfolk is also made up of several very large estates and, if one worked on a farm in one part of the estate, it was relatively easy to transfer top another part of the estate. 

The post was by Glynn Burrows who owns the site http://www.norfolk-tours.co.uk. The site includes a blog with posts like: Chimney Sweepers; American Airfields during WWII; Cottages in 1850; Murder Most Foul!

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