20 June 2013

Archival material transferred to the Ottawa City Archives from LAC

Thanks to a written response to a parliamentary question we now have a list of materials that have been, and may be transferred to the Ottawa Main City Archives from Library and Archives Canada.

Already transferred:

Resolution of a special meeting of the Bytown Council
Polish Dance Group of Ottawa fonds
March Township fonds
Fltzroy Agricultural Society fonds
Ottawa Canoe Club fonds
May Court Club fonds
Ottawa Rifle Club score book
Ottawa Ski Club fonds
Bytown Mechanics' lnstitute and Athenaeum fonds
Ottawa Elks Club fonds
Alliance of German-Speaking Organizations of Ottawa and Region fonds
Lady Stanley lnstitute Nurses Alumnae Association fonds
Fitzroy Township fonds
Ottawa Miles for Millions fonds
Ottawa Women's Canadian Club fonds
Children's Aïd Society of Ottawa fonds
American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association fonds
Ottawa Valley Cricket Council fonds
Charlotte Elizabeth Whitton fonds (Civic Politics 1 and Il series only)
Protestant Orphans' Home fonds
St. Andrew's Society of Ottawa fonds
Ottawa Lay School of Theology fonds
Ottawa By-Ward Market collection
Andrew Fleck Child Centre fonds
Swiss Club Ottawa Valley fonds
St. George's Society of Ottawa fonds
Canadian Women's Press Club Ottawa branch fonds
Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario fonds

Potentially to be transferred.

Alastair Napier fonds
Centre Amusement Co. Ltd. fonds
Gloucester Environmental Advisory Committee fonds
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees loca1 95 fonds
Niven's Woods Conservancy fonds
Ottawa Agricultural Society
Ottawa Allied Printing Trades Council fonds
Ottawa and District Labour Council Ottawa Civic Employees' association
Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club
Ottawa Horticultural Society fonds
Ottawa Presbyterial Women's Missionary Society fonds
Ottawa Stewardship Sector Project fonds
Religious Society of Friends in Canada. Ottawa Group fonds
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church fonds (Ottawa, Ont.)
St. Hyacinth Church fonds
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America fonds

The original parliamentary response is at http://www.scribd.com/doc/148625276/Q-1336-Order-Paper-on-Library-and-Archives-Canada

Information from the Ottawa City Archives is that some of this material was received in poor condition and may not be open for public inspection for some while.


Ian White said...

I consider this as good news for people who live in or near Ottawa. The City Archives are much more user-friendly.

Anonymous said...

Its not quite good news. Perhaps for preservation purposes it is. But otherwise, the City Archives have far less operating hours, are located well outside downtown, and have a less knowledgeable staff. Also, for reproduction purposes, the City Archives does NOT allow cameras for photographing and the reproduction costs are expensive. Also, they are going to sit on these new items for a long time. The transfer of some of the items began as early as November, and it seems it will be significantly longer before they are made available. For someone in the middle of a large project using some of these holdings, it has been disastrous, as everything I am working on is on hold.

Ian White said...

The fact that the City Archives are not downtown makes them easily accessible to far more people. This is a positive not a disadvantage. The parking is free and the site is well served by public transportation. I have found the staff to be more plentiful and more knowledgeable than some at LAC. and the reproduction costs are much more reasonable, and copying is vastly quicker in most cases. And I am not hiding behind anonymity.