07 June 2013

Improve Convenience at Ottawa Public Library

Thanks if you clicked to like my suggestion of Improve Convenience in the Ottawa Public Library Imagine survey mentioned in a previous blog post. There are now 242 Likes.

Many of the top suggestions are for things the Library should continue doing. "Continue Due Date Reminder System" is top with 653 Likes. Second most popular is also a continue item, for eBooks.

The OPL is doing lots of things right, but circulations slipped considerably last year. They need fresh ideas. Making library service more conveniently available would surely help. Patrons in urban areas should not have to travel to a library branch more than 3 Km away just to return a book. Kids should not have to go that distance for mother and pre-school library programs when there's a perfectly serviceable community centre which could host them much closer.

Even if you live far away from Ottawa, please help move Improve Convenience up the ranking by clicking here.

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