09 June 2013

Timothy O'Hea VC

Today is the anniversary of an act of bravery that resulted in awarding of the Victoria Cross for an act of valour, not performed in the presence of an enemy and within Canada.
On June 9 1866 a train with 800 German immigrants locked in carriages and a railway-van, containing 2,000 pounds of ammunition, was on its way from Quebec to Kingston, under charge of a sergeant and a guard of the 1st Battalion, of the Prince Consort’s Own Rifle Brigade. It was discovered to be on fire on reaching Danville Station, ignited by a spark from the engine. The van was immediately shoved down the line away from the station, and the alarm given. The people living in the vicinity fled from their houses, in fear of the explosion. Private Timothy O'Hea ran down to the van, forced open the door, removed the covering from the ammunition, discovered the source of the fire, ran for water, and extinguished it.
Bio for Pvt O'Hea is at http://www.biographi.ca/009004-119.01-e.php?id_nbr=5196

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