21 June 2013

Responsible record indexing at findmypast

A couple of days ago I wrote about the working conditions of those, usually in developing countries, who index the records we enjoy?  Ancestry provided information on their policies. http://goo.gl/u4ce2

Here`s the word from findmypast.com based on a conversation with Josh Taylor

Asked what FMP does to ensure contractors in developing countries provide safe working conditions Josh said that contractors must be ISO accredited. They try and make in-person visits as much as possible. One of the people who handles bidding on contracts worked in India for several years and is familiar with the companies, scrutinises the contracts and looks for socially responsible companies. When a new company expresses interest their operation is thoroughly scrutinised.  One company has a part-time educational program as part of employment, which may raise the cost a bit but ensures it's not a sweat-shop type environment.
Asked if FMP would be prepared to issue a statement on their practices with third world contractors and working conditions Josh said he'd suggest that to the appropriate part of the company in the UK.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the people doing the digitizing are "educated" beforehand to know what to expect wrt names of people and places. For example, if a person is familiar with the names of all the counties of Ireland, properly spelled, he/she can interpret handwriting more accurately. I noticed a very poor interpretation of Fermanagh County once which was obvious to me. This is why I am on about this issue and wondering???

Anne in Ottawa