18 June 2013

The 1921 census. If we don't ask we won't get.

According to an item in the Global Genealogy newsletter

"... the entire 1921 census of Canada has already been digitized plus a geographical index. It's sitting on a server ready to go online (free). Problem is that the Harper Government has put a hold on its release."
Please help persuade the government to put the 1921 census online. Email Heritage Minister James Moore. A long email isn't required. The more people call for release the sooner it will happen. Numbers count, the length of your email does not. You don't have to be a Canadian either.

Just email james.moore@parl.gc.ca with the Subject 1921 Census and write:

Dear Minister Moore:
Please instruct management of Library and Archives Canada to make images of the 1921 census available online immediately. 


Any additional information you want to add is fine, but make it short. It's number of such emails received that will count. Ask you friends and relatives to send emails too.


Anonymous said...

I have just sent the email. It is important to me that they are available on line as I am Canadian but currently living abroad, yet still actively researching my family tree.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I and at least 2 friends have sent e-mails. Keep up the pressure, John!

Anonymous said...

Can we get our honourary patron - Peter Milliken to put pressure on somebody?

Anonymous said...

I just send the email. I need information from this census to fill in blanks in my family tree.

Anonymous said...

I live in Australia however my roots go back to the War of 1812 and beyond. I still have a large number of ancestral relatives living in Canada, and an online resource such as this would be invaluable to me.

Anonymous said...

Email sent thank you for the efforts. I hope it works.

L Busch said...

I am shocked that they would even consider holding it back. 3 emails have been sent from my family so hopefully everyone's email will have an effect.

Bill Robinson said...

You can take action here:
Please and thank you.