19 June 2013

LAC acquisition of War of 1812 materials

It's good news; and I was surprised. After having reduced acquisitions from over half a million dollars in 2008 to 28 thousand dollars in 2012 Library and Archives Canada (LAC), in partnership with the Museum of Civilization (the future Canadian Museum of History), has acquired the Sherbrooke Collection of War of 1812 documentation. The official news release is at http://www.bac lac.gc.ca/eng/news/news_releases/Pages/2013/acquisition-collection-war-1812.aspx 

The longest journey begins with a single step. Prompt release of the 1921 census and signing the agreement with Canadiana.ca for record digitization would be further encouraging steps. Then the re-institution of support for local archives and interlibrary loan would signal a real change in direction.

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