19 June 2013

Ottawa Branch OGS 2013 AGM

Somehow I managed to miss that Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society held their monthly meeting, including their Annual General Meeting, last Saturday. Mike Moore kindly sent a summary and Heather Oakley added items.

Norah Cousins-La Rocque continues as Branch Chair. Doug Gray is added as Vice-Chair. Heather Oakley and Richard McGregor become Members at Large. Grace Lewis becomes Librarian replacing Al Lewis. Marg Patenaude recently became the Ottawa Branch Inquiries Co-Ordinator.

As previously mentioned Jim Stanzell received a Citation of Recognition from OGS: Forty Year Pins were awarded to  Jim Neelin (49 years) and Bruce Elliott ( 41 years).

OGS Volunteer Service awards went to Dolly Allen (25 years), Joan McKay (30 years), Helen Small (20 years), Mike More (20 years), Elizabeth Kipp (10 years), Tania Jones (5 years).

Ottawa Branch 30 years awards went to Kathleen O'Brien, Christopher N. Sheap, Frederick I. Hill, Mary I. Driver, Laurel Gilchrist, Senator Lorna Milne, Lawrence C. Erwin and, Doris Purdy.

The Branch announced its new initiative to start spending its surplus - a
committee of Heather Oakley, Kyla Ubbink and Rachel Muston will work on terms and conditions, etc. - on worthwhile small projects that will benefit local and other genealogists. This type of thing is already being done by Halton-Peel
Branch OGS where they have funded, among other things, the
digitization of local records.

Heather Oakley and Doug Gray are working in Gene-O-Rama 2014 which will likely be in a new location.

The OGS Annual conference in 2017, sesquicentennial year, will be held in Ottawa. Anyone willing to help in planning the events please contact Mike More at  vp@ogs.on.ca

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