06 June 2013

Save on 23andMe Tests

You can save if you order multiple 23andMe DNA tests in the same order: there's a 20% reduction on kits after the first in the order, $79 rather than $99, and there's only one cost of shipping.

You can also save by combining orders. Bob Dawes emailed me that he ordered four kits so total shipping averaged to $39. "It is done by DHL and was here  (in Trenton) in two days and the return arrived in California two days after I shipped them.  The downside was having to take the mailers to Kingston which is the nearest DHL office although they did say that the order could be picked up."

You pay more for shipping, but the service is much faster than I experienced earlier in the year shipping through the USPS.

Get together with friends and save with a bulk order.

Thanks to Bob for the tip.

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