13 June 2013

Anglo-Celtic Roots, Summer 2013

Colleague Bryan Cook is lead author on two articles in the latest Anglo-Celtic Roots, BIFHSGO's quarterly chronicle. Thanks to his efforts "An Indenture Saga", the story on an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to piece together the journey taken by an indenture from mid-19th century Lancashire to its retrieval in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu in the 1970s, finally saw publication.
The second article "Don Treble's Ancestral Journey" documents the research of one of BIFHSGO's most diligent researchers. Don, now deceased, had a long paper trial back to Devon and explored his Y-DNA with likely ancestral origin a Thracian mercenary in the Roman army. With a technical appendix and three pages of reference notes it's an article to bring joy to soul of the academic genealogist while also telling a good story.
Anglo-Celtic Roots is a benefit of BIFHSGO membership.

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