10 June 2013


The 19th Annual General Meeting of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa was held on the morning of Saturday, 8 June 2013, in the Library and Archives Canada auditorium with approximately 180 in attendance.

The major issue during the year was the relationship with Public Works Canada which operates the ground floor facility at 395 Wellington. As charges for use of equipment have now been waived the Society is in a position to continue to meet in the auditorium for the coming year to June 2014 as it best meets the Society needs.

The accounts show a surplus for the year of about $4,300 compared to a budgeted small deficit, largely due to the surplus from the conference and donations to the Library Fund in memory of former Treasurer Tom Rimmer.

Caroline Emblem was presented with a Certificate of Recognition for the Best Anglo-Celtic Roots Article of 2012–2013 for her article, entitled “Eleanor, Ellen and Frances,” published in the Spring 2012 issue.

Margaret Singleton was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for the Best Presentation by a Member at the Monthly BIFHSGO Meeting for the 2012–2013 season. Her talk, entitled “The Box in the Closet” was delivered at the 9 February 2013 meeting. 

Citations of Excellence were presented to Jeanette Arthurs, Mark Lloyd , Darrel Kennedy and, Joan and Ivor Banks.

Lesley Anderson and Brian Glenn retired from the Board after many years of service. By acclamation Jane Down and Anne Sterling were re-elected and Dave Cross joined the Board.

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