22 June 2013

LAC, please listen

Every so often Oliver Morley the head of The (UK) National Archives makes himself available to all to hear comments. Next month it's announced there will be three such sessions. Now that Library and Archives Canada is showing signs of becoming less constipated in its communications it would be good to see them, even if not with the interim head, follow suit?


Barbara Tose said...

Not to be cynical, but I think we'll need more than a new head of LAC to have such a thing happen. I doubt the Harper government will allow such an opportunity to open any potentially embarrassing "can of worms".

Alison (Vancouver) said...

I don't hold out much hope for LAC as it looks as if the PM's office doesn't even know in which ministry it resides. I sent in the email petition and the PM's office. The typical response stated that this issue came within the portfolio of the Minister of Industry, the Honourable Christian Paradis.