29 June 2013

A soldier has his name

Earlier in the year I wrote about a soldier grave found in the deceasedonline.com database. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission database gave only initials, not a name. I emailed the Commission with documentation from the cemetery record, but was informed they needed a birth certificate to make the change. Later, on appeal, they agreed to change the record but said it would take some time owing to technical issues.
Alfred Stanley Wright is now present and correct, full name that can liveth for evermore, not just initials.
Even better, the criteria for amending records has been changed. A birth certificate is no longer mandatory. The requirement now is:

Any application for amendment must be supported by relevant documentary evidence. This can include a service record, birth, marriage and death certificate.
We also need to be sure that the certificates you provide refer to the casualty in question. Documentary evidence which links the certificate(s) or service record to the casualty such as a memorial card or obituary notice may be required.
Kudos to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for promptly making this sensible change.

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