06 June 2013

Ancestry.ca Announces Pre-Confederation Records Coming Soon

Researcher in the Pre-Confederation period suffer from a lack of online records, and generally fewer records period.

Ancestry.ca will shortly be helping fill the gap with records from 1743 to 1900. Here's the announcement.

"Early North America was a very different place from what it is now. Discover life before Canada and learn how Canada went from a small British colony to a strong country of its own.
Pinpointing documentation of your ancestors' journey to pre-1865 in Canada used to be almost impossible, but the launch of our new Pre-Confederation records at the end of this month will make it much easier!
Records including Canada Muster Rolls and Pay Lists and American Loyalist Claims are only a sample of what's to come! Through the names, dates, addresses and exciting details found in these records, you'll gain a better understanding of Canada's history through the stories of its earliest citizens as far back as 1743. Be sure to return to Ancestry.ca at the end of the month to start searching."

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