18 June 2013

Ottawa Public Library Online Ideas Campaign

The one month campaign is now ended. OPL have posted this follow-up in the participation and next steps.

"Thank you for your interest and participation in our first online ideas, or crowdsourcing, campaign. The fact that more than 14,750 people took the time to participate by posting 1,338 ideas, 1,391 comments, or casting 27,528 votes reminds us how passionate Ottawa is about its Library.

Our next step will be to analyze the ideas and comments posted, and determine which ones are feasible and will lead to the improvement of the customer experience and efficiency of the Library system. We will then reach out to the community to confirm what we have learned. All this will become part of a final report to be presented to the Ottawa Public Library Board in December 2013."

My initiative "Improve Convenience" ranked fourth overall, Genealogy/Family History received more than 100 Likes, and Genealogy more than 50. Those are significant achievements, thanks to your support.

There are some obvious conclusions for the survey. We should not have to wait until December, and the report to the OPL Board, to see the Library collect some of the "low hanging fruit".

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