27 June 2013

Pontiac Archives Open House

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting the Pontiac Archives in Shawville, Quebec. The location, in the basement of the municipal library, provided a welcome cool environment for researching on a hot humid day.  The volunteer staff were welcoming too.
Senior volunteer Else Sparrow, the Sparrow family are descendants of a home child, showed me the originals of the Equity, the local newspaper. dating back to the 1880s. Although the early years are incomplete every so often a missing issue turns up in a heritage home.
I got to research on the computerized files of the Equity BMD index produced by Joan McKay & Dolly Allen, and in the Walter Brown collection of 180,000 Pontiac County names.
There is a collection of binders with information on those who served in the two world wars and various display items including a framed tribute to Ben Hayes Carey, a local Great War fatality which included his "dead-mans penny."

The Pontiac Archives is holding their 2013 Open House on July 2, 3 & 4, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. The civic address is 358 Main St, Shawville, Qc. Find them online at http://www.pontiacarchives.org/

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